Textron, Wichita

Today the factory visit in Wichita is on the program. Daniel Amtmann has arranged it for us, thankfully. His comment: "Hey, no problem, we are flexible and will wait for you!"


The approach to Wichita was smooth. Immediately after landing, we taxied to the Citation Service Center. Steve Schatzman was already waiting for us there. After registering, we were able to take a look at the factory at our leisure. It was fascinating to see how a piece of sheet metal is turned into a finished airplane. Unfortunately, we were not allowed to take pictures in the production halls :- (

Again, a big thanks to Daniel and Steve for the effort and time to take care of us that afternoon in Wichita. It was a great experience!

We decided not to stay overnight in Wichita, but to fly straight on to Rapid City. The plane was already refueled by Textron during our visit (great service) and we are already in the air again for a 3 hour flight with headwind ;- )

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