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Blog English · 10.09.2018
We had 50 legs We burned 12,146 liters of kerosene on the trip We have been in the air for 136 hours We flew almost exactly 25,000 nautical miles, that's 45,300 km
Blog English · 09.09.2018
After breakfast we walked for a while on the beach of Mamaia. Then it's time to start our last leg. Unfortunately we have to fight again with the curse of the west route. We have headwinds of 30-40 knots along the entire route. Our last flight over almost 1,000 miles will be long.

Blog English · 08.09.2018
It's about getting back on track. We want to be home Sunday. Of course we could have spent a 1-2 days more at each of the last destinations. But we have a deadline. So now it's mainly about flying as many miles as possible per day. We therefore have at least 1,000 miles per day on our routes. With the strong headwinds that is 6-8 hours flying time per day.
Blog English · 08.09.2018
Unfortunately, our departure from Lahore is delayed. The ordered fuel truck does not work. We have to delay our flight plan back for more than an hour. That increases a little bit the pressure. Today we have a flying day and want to fly up to Baku. Since the jet stream is currently on our flight route, we have to expect strong headwinds. Therefore, we can not make it all the way to Baku and have planned a refueling stop in Ashgabat, Turkmenistan.

Blog English · 07.09.2018
We were very curious about Pakistan. A country about which we know relatively little. Before we can leave Nepal, we have to confirm our ADC and FIC number. These are clearances of the military for the airspaces, which we will fly through. Without this, no flight may be made over Indian territory. After less than half an hour, these are available and we can start in Kathmandu.
Blog English · 05.09.2018
The flight to Kathmandu is only a stone's throw from Paro. In just over an hour we wanted to be there. Shortly before Kathmandu came then the message that the runway is closed due to a hole in the runway for an indefinite period.

Blog English · 02.09.2018
Today we continue to Paro in Bhutan. We are very curious about this country. Getting a landing permit for Paro was already a project in itself. The airport is very restrictive and has many prerequisites.
Blog English · 01.09.2018
The flight from Laos to Mandalay was short. A few hours later we were down again. The airport is a bit out of town. Since we have to leave early the next morning, we decided to use the shuttle service.

Blog English · 31.08.2018
After the long flights the day before we took a day break in Luang Prabang. We found a nice hotel right on the Mekong. Our handler "Phormanee" has offered us to be our guide of the day. We accepted it thankfully.
Blog English · 30.08.2018
Today is flight day. We want to go from Taipei to Da Nang in Vietnam, top-off there and then continue to Luang Prabang in Laos. Since the winds are "against us", so we always have headwind, we expect 9-10 hours flight time.

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