Tim, Born 1998 ... has just completed his commercial pilot training, Georg born 1965, flying professionally almost every day. A shared family passion ...


The idea of spending a longer flight adventure together was always in mind. Now it has become serious ... On 22.07.2018 begins our World Tour!


We fly West and want to come back from the east! We have also tried to pick out interesting destinations. 50 days are actually too little. Unfortunately, in most places we will not be able to spend the time they deserve. That is a pity and we are aware of that. But above all, we want to make it "around the globe"


Such a project can always go wrong. A technical defect can quickly "paralyze" us and destroy the plan. That would not be bad either. We will deal with it. The common project is the goal :- )


Already as a small child I played with airplanes ... But I was late in getting my pilots license. One morning I woke up and knew that I wanted to fly. Midlife crisis? Maybe. But I knew, I had to do it. The next day I signed up for a flight school. Since that day I fly almost every day.


Thanks to my dad, I came in touch with flying at an early age. At the age of 10, I already flew with him through Africa. I have been in Florida for the last 1.5 years and have completed my commercial pilot training. Now it's about building up flight hours