Rapid City, South Dakota

After visiting Textron, we immediately flew on. Next destination is Rapid City. We definitely wanted to see the 4 presidents on Mount Rushmore. We had a lot of headwind with 80 km/h on the way. The downside of flying west. We arrived in Rapid City in the evening. 


Here is another picture over South Dakota



The way to the hotel was then too long for us. We rented a rental car. We got an upgrade and could drive off with a nice jeep :- )

The next morning we started after breakfast.


We had already wondered the night before about the many Harley riders. Until we found out that directly in the neighboring town in Sturgis the largest Harley festival of the USA...and thus of the world takes place. 600,000 Harley riders gather there.

Mount Rushmore has surprised us positively. We had already dampened our expectations a bit and expected rather small figures in the rock. But it is really impressive how the faces of:

integrate beautifully into the rock face. By the way, the sculptor was called Gutzon Borglum, who wants to show off at a party with general knowledge :-)

The "tough guys" also took a "sight-seeing" break on the way to Sturgis.

After visiting Mount Rushmore, we drove back to the airport, dropped off the rental car and filed the next flight plan. Quick refueling of the plane and off we went into the wilderness of Montana!


After takeoff we got -despite instrument procedures- permission to circle over Mount Rushmore. From above it looks unfortunately not so spectacular.

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