From Baku, Azerbaijan to Constanta, Romania

It's about getting back on track. We want to be home Sunday. Of course we could have spent a 1-2 days more at each of the last destinations. But we have a deadline. So now it's mainly about flying as many miles as possible per day. We therefore have at least 1,000 miles per day on our routes. With the strong headwinds that is 6-8 hours flying time per day.


The start in Baku is easy. The dealers are very professional. We top off up quickly and then it starts right away. Since the fuel costs here are under 40 cents the liter, we make in, what goes in :-)


Our parking is right next to the runway "35". We're in the air right now, pointing our nose towards the west.


We fly across Armenia, Georgia and Turkey across the Black Sea to Romania. By the way ... "Radio Yerevan" really exists for pilots. "Yerevan Control" is our Controller over Armenia :-)



Constanta is a fairly deserted airfield. Little going on. We park our plane and unload our bikes. We underestimated the distance to Constanta. We cycle almost 18 miles. But after a long day in the plane, it is good to do some cycling. Our hotel is right on the beach.



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