Small Stat




We had 50 legs


We burned 3.200 Gallons (12,146 liters) of kerosene on the trip


We have been in the air for 136 hours


We flew almost exactly 25,000 nautical miles, that's 45,300 km


Our average fuel consumption was 8 miles per Gallon or 26,8 Liters per 100 km.


We visited 17 countries and made 51 landings.


We rode 330 miles with our bicycles.


We had no landing problems with authorities, immigration or other bureaucratic processes. The longest entry formality took 30 minutes. When leaving the country never longer than 15-20 minutes


We always had friendly staff who took great care of us.


We would have liked more time in most places. However, such a journey is always a compromise between traveling and lingering, with travel having the upper hand.



What impressed us most? The culture change. Every day we end up in a different culture with different norms and patterns of behavior. There is no other way to travel that way. It gives you a different view of your own culture.


And of course: having 50 days together as father and son, flying and enjoying this adventure, was a gift.



Our "Silver Eagle" was a faithful companion and has worked reliably even in the most difficult situations. We flew through a typhoon in Japan, got severe icing in Russia and monsoon rains in Laos. We also used contaminated kerosene and our turbine processed it without complaining. We never had any concern. We always felt safe.



Well, now we are back on the ground and we are already thinking about where the next trip should go. After the trip is before the trip :-)



Addendum: We got listed in the Earthrounders Club :-)


Single Engine Aircraft: 231






"Out of the 7.4 billion people on Earth, 4000 people have climbed Mount Everest, 500 have been in Space while only around 700 pilots flew around the World in light aircrafts and only 300 of them are alive today...and only 231 did it with a Single Engine Aircraft"

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